Technology Standards

The technology (and politics) of standards. 

The Standards and Digital Policy edition of Design Talk aims to raise the level of understanding of standards at large. We think standards are important, so crucial to the fabric of modern society in fact that we think it is negligent not to promote them, to cherish them in all their gritty detail. 

Standards are fascinating. Standards are both economic and technological instruments, adapting, evolving in line with policy. Some think they build barriers to markets, others say they are the very foundation on which markets arise, the very building blocks for commerce and ecommerce and any kind of exchange. 

We will be talking with people from national agencies like the NSAI, and industry standards actors like GS1 and W3C; and asking what are the links between innovation, policy and regulation? How to take part in committees; understanding its process from concept to publication, regulation, license and law.