Wednesday 17 February 2021

All seasons and all episodes in one spot

Welcome to Design Talk. A podcast about technology and design in-the-wild: The good, the beautiful, and the useful.

Design Talk (dot IE) digs into the essence of design, discovering the backstory to designs, unpacking the impact of design on organisations and industries, and understanding the wider impact of a design attitude on management and strategy. We started this podcast for people who care about tinkering and making things - and digital things in particular - because we are all, in some way, involved in designing.

The podcast is a baby, a little over a year old now and still finding its feet. Follow our social media accounts (@designtalk_ie on Instagram and @designtalk_ie on Twitter) to discover new episodes, media, and industry relevant activity. We hope you enjoy these conversations. 

Q: How do I listen to the podcast?
A: Listen on Acast, on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts. Search for "Design Talk (dot IE)" via your usual player or play episode embeds below

Q: How are the episodes on Design Talk (dot IE) organised?
A: Each season gathers episodes on a theme: game design, universal design, standards, tech strategy etc. (episodes and seasons won't necessarily appear in chronological order).